Denver, CO — John Lennon’s estate announced earlier today that due to the unsubstantiated news surrounding John Lennon’s sexual preferences a few years back, they believe, “If bad information can disseminate so efficiently across the web about John, someone whose life is so widely known, then it can happen to anyone. Therefore we are working with Fake News Records in order to help raise awareness about this decentralized campaign of disinformation that effects everyone, famous or not,” a representative for the Lennon Trust stated.

Yoko Ono, and Sean Lennon, executors on the estate, were in attendance for the signing ceremony, which was held at Fake News Records’ offices in Denver, Colorado.

Earlier this year pictures surfaced of what appeared to be John Lennon and Yoko Ono participating in what is colloquially known as “leashing,” where Ono allegedly would walk Lennon around like a dog on a leash while they were in an intimate setting. It quickly became apparent that this was not Ono and Lennon in the photograph, however it disseminated across the web nevertheless. Henry C. Lee, founder of the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science, one of the world’s foremost forensic scientists, and an avid Beatles fan, explains the phenomenon as one “…that probably has to do with people having a hard time, after so many years, differentiating what is and isn’t real in pop culture. Cultural interpretations change over time, and therefore so does our physio-psychological perception of things.” Lee continued, “This may be because there is a long standing belief that Lennon’s creativity was stifled when he was seeing Yoko, who by some was considered controlling. This is probably due to sexist attitudes of the time, which still exist today, yet in a blurred sense.” He added, “I absolutely did not think that was John and Yoko, but rather just a white guy on a leash with an asian woman leading him. I hypothesize this is because I love what Yoko and John did, so I didn’t have the prejudice that so many seem to have.” Lee is known for allegedly destroying evidence in Phil Spector’s murder trial, a charge which was ultimately dismissed. Spector was The Beatles former producer.

Yoko Ono outside of Fake News Records office

Yoko Ono outside of Fake News Records’ office

Sean Lennon listening to music outside Fake New Records’ office.


Fake news picture in question. Click for uncensored version.