Denver, CO – fckdsko, the moniker of Alex Ho Megas, an electronic music producer from Colorado, says that his track “Dusk” is finished. He describes the track as if “Bonobo, Stimming, and Amon Tobin got together and took influence from post rock.” It will be released on Fake News Records, which is also the home to John Lennon’s discography.

Ho Megas says, “While my productions at the moment represent a more organic style mixed with dreamy synthesis, don’t let that pigeon hole my sound. As a lover, and curator of all sorts of psychedelic music, my sets sometimes start light, and organic, and transition into something darker, and more mechanical; while sometimes they do the opposite, or none of those at all. In my sets, as well as current and future productions, you can hear elements of house, techno, breaks, jazz, African, disco, minimal, classical, post-rock, shoegaze and a breadth of lines in between. However, everything will be delivered with one goal in mind: ASMR tickling headphone music that can result in dance floor madness.”

Instead of charging for the track, fckdsko will be taking donations to Mental Health America of Colorado. He said, “Especially among creatives, mental illness is pervasive, and science shows that. I know it effects me. However, with proper management, I’m convinced that this burden has allowed me to be creative in the first place. So, therefore, instead of making any money off this track, instead people can donate to the foundation, and I’ll just gift them a download of the track.”





Roger Pebble